PlaqueTec is pioneering the development of a biomarker-based approach to transform the understanding of coronary artery disease (CAD), the leading cause of death worldwide.

Using Plaque’sTec Liquid Biopsy System™ (LBS), a revolutionary device designed to capture samples relevant to vascular function and coronary plaque progression, PlaqueTec is mapping the biological processes of CAD in more detail than has ever previously been possible.  PlaqueTec is capturing this information in databases that will ultimately provide a wealth of information on the biomarkers of CAD and its progression across different patient profiles.

PlaqueTec is using this proprietary information to better predict the risk of heart attack, to provide better benchmarks for new and existing drug performance, and to facilitate the development of new drugs that target the inflammatory processes underlying CAD progression.

PlaqueTec’s capabilities place it at the forefront of biomarker discovery and diagnostics for the world’s most significant disease. By undertaking clinical studies in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, PlaqueTec hopes to transform approaches to cardiovascular drug discovery and development.