PlaqueTec was established in 2008 to develop the Liquid Biopsy System™ (LBS), a platform technology that provides unparalleled resolution of the biological processes that cause coronary artery disease. The LBS is CE marked and can be used throughout Europe.

The LBS has been validated in two clinical studies in which it identified numerous biomarkers associated with CAD.  PlaqueTec is now building a database that combines the LBS-detected coronary biomarkers with high resolution imaging of patient coronary anatomy and detailed patient information.  This unique combination of data provides a better understanding of the mechanisms of CAD progression. This in turn has the potential to more accurately predict the risk of heart attack, and better stratify target populations for specific CAD therapies.

PlaqueTec’s near-term objective is to help pharma and biotech better understand the mechanistic performance of both in-market and in-pipeline drugs through small, highly powered interventional clinical studies.  PlaqueTec believes that its data will demonstrate differentiation of existing drugs, will greatly de-risk the development of new drugs and will enable the stratification of patient populations for specific drug therapies. These are all areas of significant interest to pharma and biotech companies engaged in the development of and marketing of cardiovascular drugs.

PlaqueTec’s technology is protected by numerous patents filed in the major pharmaceutical territories.

The company’s principal investor is London-based Ipex Capital.