Biomarkers for CAD

PlaqueTec is working with leading CAD researchers and clinicians to develop biomarkers that will allow pharmaceutical companies to investigate the impact of their candidate therapies with greater accuracy and detail than has been possible before.

These biomarkers will allow PlaqueTec to facilitate the development of new CAD therapies by:

Generating new mechanistic biomarker data to allow a better assessment of the clinical efficacy of drugs in phase 2 studies, reducing uncertainty and the risk of failure of expensive large phase 3 studies;

  • Reduce patient numbers in clinical studies while maintaining the same statistical powering to demonstrate significance for the association of key biomarkers with disease states;
  • Stratification of patient populations and selection of those who will benefit for specific therapies leading to improved risk/benefits and higher revenues;
  • Development of new therapies based on an understanding of the fundamentals of the disease processes;
  • Development of new diagnostics that accurately predict an individual’s risk of future CAD events.