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About PlaqueTec





PlaqueTec’s origins can be traced to the early 2000s, when a small group of engineers and molecular biology experts at PA Consulting realized they had the potential to fill a major unmet need in detecting and reducing risk in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). The potential was so great that this group spun out in 2008, with funding from IPEX Capital, to form PlaqueTec and develop its novel  Liquid Biopsy System™.



As with any successful startup, PlaqueTec has a strong leadership team with a unified vision for continued growth, and a commitment to changing the current standard of care in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of CAD. We work closely with cardiologists, academic scientists, and biopharmaceutical companies around the world to advance understanding of CAD and the inflammatory processes underlying the progression of this common and dangerous disease, and to accelerate the testing of existing and new therapeutic agents for CAD.

We are doing this in four key steps:

  1. Identifying inflammatory biomarkers within the coronary arteries of patients with CAD.

  2. Developing bespoke assays that can stratify patients with CAD by the extent and relative activity of their inflammatory disease state.

  3. Linking biomarkers to clinical outcomes, enabling both their use as a prognostic assay and their incorporation into clinical guidelines.

  4. Driving the use of PlaqueTec assays and data as a means to spur the development of new CAD therapies.

PlaqueTec established at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK;  design of LBS commenced


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