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Liquid Biopsy System

The PlaqueTec Liquid Biopsy System™ (LBS™) is a specialised catheter that quickly and reliably collects blood samples containing biomarkers of coronary vascular function and plaque progression.  Its unique design enables efficient collection of plaque biomarker information, offering the potential for clinicians to more accurately assess patients’ risk of future events and apply individualised treatment for coronary artery disease (CAD).


Watch the PlaqueTec Liquid Biopsy Systemin action.



The LBS has two components: the Liquid Biopsy Catheter (LBC) and the Blood Collection Module (BCM). The LBC is deployed within the coronary artery where it gently applies mixers that facilitate the homogenisation and collection of biomarkers released at sites of disease. Using vacuum pressure, the LBC pulls these blood samples into the BCM, which consists of removable tubes that allow storage for subsequent analysis. Learn more here >>



Research has shown that biomarkers released from inflammatory plaques in arterial walls remain near the walls of the artery and do not readily mix with the bulk blood flow. Existing blood collection methods do not address the boundary layer and predominantly collect bulk blood flow, which is free of biomarkers released by local plaques. Learn more here >>   



PlaqueTec has validated the LBS in two clinical studies and identified biomarkers associated with CAD and response to specific drug treatments. Learn more here >>

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