18 November 2015: PlaqueTec announces the appointment of Dr Nick West as CMO

CAMBRIDGE, UK – PLAQUETEC LTD (‘PlaqueTec’), the Cambridge-based company pioneering the development of a biomarker-based approach to transform the understanding of coronary artery disease (CAD), the leading cause of death worldwide, announced today the appointment of Dr Nick West as Chief Medical Officer.

29 July 2014: PlaqueTec secures CE mark for its Liquid Biopsy System a breakthrough device for harvesting novel biological information from the diseased coronary artery

PlaqueTec has developed and patented the Liquid Biopsy System (LBS) for collecting biological data associated with heart disease directly from the coronary arteries. The LBS takes multiple blood samples concurrently from different locations within the coronary artery of patients and looks for elevations in biological activity in diseased segments. The LBS has the potential to drive the discovery and development of new drugs and therapeutics, as well as being able to evaluate the efficacy of both approved drugs and agents in development.