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Our Research

Inspiring a new generation of precision medicine


First-in-human and proof-of-concept trials have successfully validated PlaqueTec’s LBS technology; trans-plaque signals revealed for numerous proteins 
(West, N. E. J. et al. JACC:
Basic to Translational Science
2, 646-654, 2017)


Currently recruiting, BIOPATTERN will take a step further: endotyping a 300 patient CAD cohort, generating a unique data platform to inform the development of precision medicine in CAD


Subsequent planned trials will target additional specific clinical and ethnic phenotypes
The BIOPATTERN trial in 90 seconds
To find out more about our research or potential research collaborations, contact us
300 patients from across the UK with established CAD
LBS trans-plaque blood sampling
Extensive clinical and demographic data capture
OCT imaging
Genome-wide SNP array
Olink 3000+ protein analysis of samples
Wide-ranging additional exploratory analysis
Site of disease BIOmolecule capture and analysis in PATienTs with established coronary disease undERgoing iNtracoronary assessment.
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