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A Q&A with PlaqueTec Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nick West provides further insight into research needed to explore inflammation-related risk factors for coronary artery disease. Research using the company's Liquid Biopsy System suggests differences in systemic versus coronary inflammation biomarkers as drivers of plaque formation, as presented at EAS 2018. 

PlaqueTec is working to bring personalized medicine to the cardiovascular space with its Liquid Biopsy System (LBS), and seeking strategic partnerships to test whether the LBS can identify predictive biomarkers for drugs in development, and collaborations with thought leaders who want to use the device to test or generate scientific hypotheses. 

18 Jan 2018


Annalisa Jenkins, new CEO of PlaqueTec, began her first tour of duty with the British Navy as a medical officer, but has since climbed the ranks of pharma to become a CEO and member of numerous boards.

10 Jan 2018


Life Sciences Leader to Guide Company through its Next Growth Phase and Product Launch in 2018

22 Nov 2017


Dr Jenkins joins the company from Dimension Therapeutics, where she served as its chief executive officer, and her previous roles have seen her gain expertise in scientific research, clinical development, regulatory process and commercialisation.

08 Aug 2014


PlaqueTec (Cambridge, UK), has received CE Mark approval for its first of a kind Liquid Biopsy System that can be used to gather information from diseased arteries to better tailor treatment strategies for patients with cardiovascular disease.

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Press Releases

PlaqueTec Ltd. has relocated its existing coronary plasma bank from Royal Papworth Hospital to the communal laboratory facility within the Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge. The company has also expanded its headquarters and device development facilities, which are now located in Cambourne Business Park, also in Cambridge.

PlaqueTec to share data and insights from its novel Liquid Biopsy System catheter and biomarker analyses at this exclusive meeting of about 75-100 global cardiology leaders that meet by invitation to advance the study and practice of atherosclerosis. 

Analysis of intracoronary blood samples obtained via PlaqueTec’s Liquid Biopsy System suggests coronary inflammation may be independent of systemic inflammatory biomarkers

03 Jan 2018

PlaqueTec announces publication in JACC: Basic to Translational Science, "Percutaneous Sampling of Local Biomolecule Gradients Across Coronary Artery Atherosclerotic Plaques" - validating feasibility and potential of the LBS to detect biomarkers for CAD. 

13 Nov 2017

Life Sciences Leader to Guide Company through its Next Growth Phase and Product Launch in 2018

20 Nov 2015

The Cambridge-based company pioneering the development of a biomarker-based approach to transform the understanding of coronary artery disease (CAD), the leading cause of death worldwide, announced today the appointment of Dr Nick West as Chief Medical Officer.

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