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About Us

Pursuing a better understanding of the biological mechanisms of coronary artery disease to advance the development of precision medicine

PlaqueTec is identifying endotype-specific biomarkers to advance precision medicine for coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD, where atherosclerotic plaque build-up narrows or blocks the arteries that supply blood to the heart, is a leading cause of death globally. Current treatment approaches are one-size-fits-all and therefore ineffective for many patients. To address this, PlaqueTec has developed a proprietary technology and data analysis platform to endotype patients and uncover potential biomarkers of coronary vascular function and plaque progression.

A more detailed understanding of patient endotypes will support drug development by identifying new targets in specific patient groups, reducing clinical trial sizes and costs, and increasing success rates, ultimately improving outcomes for patients.

About PlaqueTec

The Leadership Team

PlaqueTec is led by a forward-thinking team of individuals who combine decades of experience in cardiovascular research, clinical and pharmaceutical medicine, and successful business leadership.


We maintain a laser focus on the ultimate goal of improving prospects for CAD sufferers, whilst constantly adapting and evolving in a changing clinical and technological environment to ensure PlaqueTec remains a sustainable high-potential business.


To deliver our mission as efficiently as possible we leverage an extensive network of leading scientists, physicians, device and software engineers, as well as cutting edge assay providers and drug discovery platforms.  

Martin is a founding shareholder of PlaqueTec and has chaired the Board since 2018. Martin has a long involvement in entrepreneurial capitalism in Europe and USA.  Martin also chairs Libero Pharma Ltd, the naltrexone transdermal patch company, and Ipex Commercial Management, the startup business support company.

Martin Stapleton

Executive Chairman

Simon joined PlaqueTec in 2019 and oversees day-to-day operations and clinical research. Following clinical experience in medicine and surgery in the UK NHS, Simon joined industry in 2010, supporting the clinical development and commercialisation of numerous compounds in various therapy areas, within start-ups to large biotechs. His passion for cardiovascular research evolved at Amgen where he led the UK medical team working on the late-stage development and launch of a first-in-class cardiovascular medicine.

Dr Simon Williams

General Manager

Diane joined PlaqueTec in 2018 and leads the scientific program. Diane’s experience in cardiovascular research spans over 25 years, including British Heart Foundation Fellowships with the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge and the Babraham Institute. Diane’s PhD from Cambridge University centred on cell interactions in atherosclerosis and she has over 40 peer-reviewed publications in leading journals. Vascular calcification has been a key focus of her research and recently, in collaboration with Rachael Walker at the Babraham Institute, Diane has pioneered the development of a novel method to analyse circulating calcium.

Dr Diane Proudfoot

Chief Scientific Officer

To achieve our mission, PlaqueTec is engaged with a number of expert partners